Gallery Nørdeinde

A pottery workshop and a digital store

A physical gallery
and a digital store

Gallery Nørdeinde is both a pottery and a digital webshop, selling ceramic art and products. The physical gallery is under construction and will serve as an exhibition space.

The pottery is an exiting project started by a professional potter and a design engineer. A mother and daughter. The designer, Mendel de Kok, created the branding, designs and the photography. 

The potter, Madeleine Vink of Madeleine Vink Ceramics, handcrafts all ceramic art on the turning table. Follow Gallery Nørdeinde on instagram to follow this great venture.

We are the founders

A potter and a designer

The potter

Madeleine Vink

” In my process I like preserving the occational wrinkles from the turning and spinning of the clay. It reveals how it once has been in motion.”

“I call that stilled movement.

The potter

Madeleine Vink

For over twenty years, Madeleine has honed the artistry of pottery making: from making unique utensils to art objects and dinnerware. Through her love for her career and the thousands of hours in practice, Madeleine has mastered even monumental pottery making (a.k.a really big pots).

Her career
Madeleine started her training as a potter at the ‘Nederlandse Keramiekopleiding’, after which she was apprenticed to various potters. She has worked as a potter at Mobach ceramics in Utrecht, at the renowned Heinen Delft Blue, and has been an instructor at Studio Pansa Amsterdam. 

Nothing is realised without imagination
With Gallery Nørdeinde, Madeleine hopes to inspire and motivate others to persevere, to keep learning and to make their dreams become reality.

Madeleine Vink Ceramics
Madeleine previously ran a pottery brand under the name Madeleine Vink Ceramics. Her own line of work can be recognized by a small stamp of her surname “Vink“.

The designer

Mendel de Kok

” Be inspired and inspire others to imagine and create a new reality by sharing stories, visualizing new perspectives and encouraging positive change “

The designer

ir. Mendel de Kok

For nearly ten years, Mendel has studied and practiced Design. She has a master in Industrial Design Engineering and is specialized in product presentation. For Mendel, product presentation is a way of storytelling. It’s a visual non-fiction. Each product has a unique narrative, that is only revealed under the right conditions. In her spare time, Mendel has mastered the fundamentals of pottery.

Her expertise
Mendel owns her own visual design agency. By combining industrial design methods, ways of storytelling, and her eye for aesthetics, Mendel strategically presents products in unconventional ways. 

Nothing is realised without imagination
With Gallery Nørdeinde, Mendel intents to unfold the story of handmade products. The beauty of the craft and the simplicity of it. To excite others to imagine a similar path and to create their own beautiful reality.

MENDL design
Mendel runs a visual design brand under the name MENDL. Her portfolio can be found on Behance.