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One week intensive course

This summer of 2021, we offer pottery courses for mixed level students. The 4-day course is an intensive week of wheel throwing, trimming, attaching handles and glaze application, taught by the master potter Madeleine Vink, assisted by her daughter Mendel de Kok. 

About the course

The course is suitable for beginners who want to learn pottery, and for advanced learners who want to be taught more difficult techniques. The workshop will be open level where instructions will be personal tailored to the level of each student. Advanced students can -for example- be taught how to turn large pots and vases, or closed shapes.

The course is an intensive 4-day activity of wheel throwing and will also include clay preperation, trimming, attaching handles and glaze application. Each day starts at 9:30 and ends at 14:30.  Lunch will be catered. The workshop is hands-on where you will be practicing techniques under the guidance and supervision from our master potter Madeleine Vink. 

The course will cost €650,- per person. You will get 5 hours of class per day, free lunches, limitless use of materials and 10 finished workpieces made by you!

Available dates

Week 30

Already passed.

26 July – 30 July
9:30 AM till 14:30 PM
29th of July = no class
1st of August pickup your work

Week 31

Already passed.

2 August – 6 August
9:30 AM till 14:30 PM
5th of August = no class
August 9th pickup your work

Week 32

Already passed.

9 August – 13 August
9:30 AM till 14:30 PM
12th of August = no class
August 15th pickup your work

what we offer

The content of the course

General info

There will be class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday you can pick up your finished work. Each day starts 9:30 with a warm welcome of coffee and tea. Lunch is included, you can fill in diet wishes or allergies in the booking form. The day ends at 14:30.

First day - Monday

On the first day you will be taught the basics of pottery. You will prepare your own clay and practice wheelthrowing all day. More advanced students will receive attention and instructions tailored to their wishes.

Second day - Tuesday

In the morning will be trimming the pots of the first day, in the afternoon we will practice making series of mugs.

Third day - Wednesday

We will trim the mugs of the second day, and learn how to attach handles.

Thursday = no class

Madeleine will put your pots and mugs in the kiln to be fired 'biscuit'. Your works will bake in our kiln all day and night, while you enjoy your much deserved day off.

Fourth day - Friday

You will learn to apply glazing to your baked pots and mugs. Up to 10 workpieces may be glazed and baked again in our kiln. You may choose from several glazes.

Pick-up - Sunday

On Sunday your cups, mugs or pots will be ready to be picked up. If pick-up is not possible, we can send you the works.

Reserve a spot

Limited space available, assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Madeleine fo Gallery Nordeinde throwing pots in her atelier.


Master potter // co-founder

Madeleine Vink

Madeleine started her training as a potter at the ‘Nederlandse Keramiekopleiding’, after which she was apprenticed to various potters. She has worked as a potter at Mobach ceramics in Utrecht, and at the renowned Heinen Delft Blue. She has been an instructor at Studio Pansa Amsterdam, and has been teaching monumental pottery making at her own studio.


Groote woldweg 116
8079TG Noordeinde (GLD)
The Netherlands


€650 per person, including lunch and materials.


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