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Christmas Tiles | large

Ceramic tiles with handcarved engravings. Each illustration is unique, illustrated by the Dutch artist Marieke ten Berge.

A unique decoration item to enrich your wall shelf or urban garden, or to be send by mail instead of your regular postcard. All tiles are equipped with a hanging hook to be hung as small works of art. They are heat and water resistant, so tiling in the bathroom or kitchen is also possible.

Please note that each illustrations of the Wildflowers series may differ from the illustrations on the photos, because they are handcarved.



The Wildflower series are the result of a collaboration between the potter Madeleine Vink, and the graphic artist Marieke ten Berge. The development and creation of these artpieces is an exact and meticulous process that requires more preparation than the standard tile with an image-transfer or even a hand-painted one.

Madeleine prepares the tile by rolling out clay and pressing out the tiles one-by-one, after which they dry overnight. The tiles that have curled up too much are removed and recycled.  When the tiles are leather-dry, Madeleine applies a self-developed white coating. The illustrations should be carved out shortly after, to prevent the tiles from becoming too dried out and hardened out. After the illustrations have been applied by hand, the tiles undergo a two-week process of drying and baking, up to a maximum of 1240° Celsius. The tiles are perfect for decorating your house, or to mail them as postcards.

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 14 cm

Decoration, Wildflower


Terracotta, White


± 5×5 cm (medium ±10 cm and large ±13,5 cm)


± 0,2 kg


± 4mm (thickness may vary, tiles may be warped)


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