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DelftBloom Tiles | medium

Handpainted Delftblue tiles, by the Dutch ‘plateelschilder’ Coby van Buuren.

The tiles fit with both a modern or a classic home decoration. They are suitable to be sent as a gift by post. All tiles are equipped with a hanging hook to be hung as small works of art. Wooden holders are sold separately.

Please note that each illustration of the DelftBloom series may differ from the illustrations on the photos, because they are handpainted. The images only serve as an example.



The DelftBloom series are the result of a collaboration between the master potter Madeleine Vink, and the master pottery painter Coby van Buuren. The DelftBloom tiles require more (hand)work than a standard Delftblue tile with an image-transfer.

Madeleine cuts out every tile one by one, by rolling out clay and pressing out the tiles. After the tiles have dried overnight, the ones that have curled up too much are removed and recycled.  Before the DelftBloom painting can be applied, Madeleine applies a special white coating. Coby then paints all illustration by hand and by heart. After this, the tiles undergo a two-week process of drying and baking, up to a maximum of 1240° Celsius. The tiles are water and heat resistant.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 14 × 14 cm

Decoration, DelftBloom


Blue, Terracotta, White


±10 cm


± 0,2 kg


± 4mm (thickness may vary, tiles may be warped)


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