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Coffee tamper

A handmade ceramic coffee tamper, used for brewing espresso, either in a machine or a stovetop espresso maker. Additionally, the tamper can be used for tamping incense ash/incense burners.

Not sure about the size of your coffee-puk? All tampers can always be exchanged for the right size or colour after purchase. The most common size is 57/58cm.

Original price was: €35,00.Current price is: €30,00.


This ceramic tamper creates the perfect espresso, or caffè lungo. It is used for packing the coffee grinds in the ‘puck’ so that the hot water evenly seeps through the grinds and produces the best coffee taste possible. The ceramic material provides a nice and heavy grip. The tampers are slightly convex around the edges, which makes that the hot water will run through the grinds rather than flowing down the side of the puck. Due to its handmade nature, none of our coffee tampers are completely symmetrical. For example: a coffee tamper of 58mm may not be perfectly round, but will always fit in a 58mm puck with a very small clearance.

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm

White, Blue, Brown-blue, Blue-green, Black

Dishwasher proof



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