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DelftBloom Winecooler

A Delftblue winecooler, to place over your bottle of rosé or white wine. Keeping the wine cool for hours in the sun, without damaging the wine label. Handpainted by the master potterypainter Coby van Buuren.


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This original Delftblue Winecooler is handcrafted on the pottery wheel by Madeleine Vink and handpainted by the master Potterypainter Coby van Buuren. The patented design keeps your bottle of white wine or rosé cool by a process of thermodynamic evaporation. Using it is simple: all you need to do is wet the wine cooler under the tap, moistening it inside and out, and then place over the bottle of wine. The cooler will then keep your wine cool for hours in the sun, while keeping the winelabel intact.

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Terracotta & Delftblue


DelftBloom, Kitchen & Garden


±14 cm diameter, ±25 cm height


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