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The Ollapot is a sustainable irrigation solution for your vegetable garden, greenhouse or (large)planters. Indoors or outdoors, the Ollapot keeps your plants happy and thriving.


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Each handmade Ollapot is and designed to keep the soil constantly moist, preventing plants from drying out without over-watering them. This is possible due to the porous nature of the ceramic, which slowly releases water over time. All you need to do is place the Ollapot in the ground and fill it with water. Your plants will never dry out, even on hot summer days.

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Kitchen & Garden


Bury in the ground with the lid visible and fill with water. Depending on the dryness of the soil, refill every one to two weeks. Works especially well for growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and tropical plants.


±16 cm diameter, ±24 cm height


± 1500 ml (50 oz)

Frost resistant

If left empty, it may resist temperatures up to -5°C (25F), however no guarantees can be made. We recommend removing the Ollapot from the soil during the winter.


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