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Pottery Giftvoucher

Gift someone a fun and memorable activity: a 2 hour pottery workshop. This hands-on workshop teaches the basics of pottery making and allows each participant to make their very own ceramics. Afterwards, the workpieces will be professionally baked and glazed, so that every participant will receive their own handmade pots, mugs and vases, dishwasher proof!

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This digital giftcard with a unique code will be send to you by email. With this code, a date can be reserved by mail or on our workshop page. Let us know how many participants without a giftcard will be joining the workshop, they pay the standard workshop fee.

At Gallery Nordeinde we offer 2 hour private workshops for 2 to 8 participants, taught by the master potter Madeleine Vink. The workshop will starts with some coffee/tea, during which Madeleine will explain the steps of creating your own pots on the pottery wheel. After this short explanation, you’ll be seated behind a pottery wheel to try for yourself!

Madeleine will help as much as you want her to (some participants want lots of help, others don’t). Most workshoppers make about 5 workpieces, which will temporarily be left behind at our pottery. Madeleine will professionally glaze and bake them for you, so that after approx. 3 weeks everything will done and you can come pick your work up, or we can send it to you (for an extra postal fee).


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One digital voucher with unique code


Request a workshop and mention the code


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Gallery Nørdeinde
Grootewoldweg 116
Noordeinde, (Gelderland)

Reservation rules

In consultation with us, reservations can be adjusted or canceled. If people want to participate who don't have a gift card, that's no problem, they pay the standard workshop fee.

2 reviews for Pottery Giftvoucher

  1. Anna

    We had a lovely pottery experience in the countryside. If you’re looking for a cosy pottery learning session – definitely recommend Madeleine’s studio!

  2. Marisa

    (Translated by Google) Received a very nice workshop. Good explanation about claying. During the claying she jumped in or gave advice on what to do if things went wrong. Got to pick up our artworks 3 weeks later. Super successful!

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