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Wildflowers wall-plate medium

Exclusive wall art of handcarved botanics on a handthrown plate. Each illustration is unique, illustrated by the Dutch artist Marieke ten Berge.

Please note that each illustrations of the Wildflowers series may differ from the illustrations on the photos, because they are handcarved. The art-pieces are sold including wall hanger.



The Wildflower series are the result of a collaboration between the potter Madeleine Vink, and the graphic artist Marieke ten Berge. The development and creation of these works of art is an exact and meticulous process that requires more preparation than a painted piece of art.

Madeleine prepares the plates on the turntable, after which they dry overnight. When they are leather-dry, they are trimmed and Madeleine applies a self-developed white coating. The illustrations should be carved out shortly to prevent the plates from becoming too dried out and hardened. After the illustrations have been applied by hand, the plates will undergo a two-week process of drying and baking, up to a maximum of 1240° Celsius. The plates are perfect for decorating your urban jungle, or for a unique food presentation.

Additional information


Terracotta, White




±27 cm (large ±33 cm and small ±18 cm)


The hanger is made of metal with a gold coating

Oven/microwave proof



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